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We understand managing and renting out Units can be stressful and time-consuming. Whether you’re a local property Owner or live out of the city or country, it can quickly lead to a full-time job for you. As a Landlord, you’re expected to wear many hats related to managing your rental. Everything from Ontario Landlord and Tribunal notices, to vetting prospective Tenants through applications and credit checks, property inspections, plumbing and renovations, not to mention, responding quickly to correspondence and having all the right answers to everything property management. With our full-service package or ‘rent-my-home’ leasing service, rest assured, we manage your investment to the highest standards. We are committed to customer service to both you and your Tenant and are ethical, transparent, and committed to you and all other stakeholders.

With 35 years of company experience, over $300 Million in assets under management, and a team that has the resources, dedication and love for property management, the answer is simple. From student properties to multi-unit buildings to single-family homes, our approach and delivery stays the same. We have a thorough process from transitioning paperwork, to understanding your property, reviewing outstanding maintenance concerns, Tenant issues and becoming aware of your short and long-term goals, we can develop a package for you that will ensure all aspects of running an investment property are conducted at the highest level.

Our Property Managers pride ourselves on striving to be the best we can. This extends to our Clients, Tenants and other stakeholders involved in managing your rental property. From continuing education training and courses to conferences obtaining the latest trends and information, we are not only a source of knowledge, but your trusted partner.

We can tailor a package that meets your investment needs! Give Limestone Property Management a call today for a no-obligation consultation.

Our most popular package is our Residential ‘Full-Service’ Management contract. This is a stress-free approach where we take care of all day-to-day operations This package includes the following:

We offer a respectful and comfortable environment when dealing with Tenant issues and ensure situations get resolved quickly and effectively. This mutual respect between us and your Tenants translates into how far these individuals will go to maintain your investment property and how they generally view their living environment.

Our Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable team are extremely detailed and organized. We ensure all rent is collected, tracked, and reviewed. In addition, our easy payment methods allow Tenants the ease to pay their rent with less hassle.

A step that we find very useful and other companies do not offer (or do not do) is checking up on your Property. We have set days where we will inspect the property for any debris, cutting of grass and other abnormalities that need to be looked into and reported.

Our Team is on call 24/7 to answer calls, maintenance issues and general inquiries. We understand that after-hour calls can be expensive. Our maintenance teams' focus when dealing with after-hour calls is to mitigate damages at the source. This will allow our team or a trades company to repair issues during working hours.

Our Tenant and Client portals allow for fingertip access to key information. You can view monthly financial reports, search maintenance repairs and more.

We believe that effective communication builds lasting relationships and Client retention. Being accessible and available to answer questions from Clients through phone, email and walk-ins have truly built our reputation over the years.

A crucial part, and one that other companies fail to do properly, is knowing issues before Tenants get to the property and if there is any damage when moving out. We have a Property Manager whose main job is to ensure this step is checked, documented, and resolved. This information then gets uploaded to Clients portal.

We pride ourselves on having clear, accurate and on time financial reporting to Clients. Monthly statements are generated at the end of each month and we work diligently to ensure all income and expenses are recorded properly. Our Finance Manager is available anytime to chat when Clients have questions.

LPM does not charge Clients for any Lease Renewals. If Tenants are happy and want to stay another Lease Term, we will coordinate signatures and work with them to sign a new Lease.

Our Maintenance Pros Division are skilled, trained and have proper insurance to assist with your maintenance needs. We are very competitive and offer quick service to our Clients. Our services include general maintenance with interior and exterior work – investigating leaks, installing flooring, drywall, doors, trim, fixtures, bathroom renovations, painting, window repair, tenant turnover, garbage removal, gutters, decks, and much more.

At LPM, we work with some of the best legal advisors in the property management industry. Whether you need support on producing legal notices, such as an N4 or require assistance in court, we are here to help.

With years of knowledge and in-depth market research, we can provide up-to-date information to Clients. Understanding your short and long-term goals allow us to build a financial model around your property and deliver return on investment and other financials measures to you.


Unlike most companies, LPM does not charge you fees when a Property or Unit is vacant. There can be times depending on the time of year, general turnover, planned maintenance when a unit is vacant but, we won’t charge you fees. Our goal is to save you money and increase your ROI.


We encourage Investors to inquire about our services and once you have made the decision to have your property managed by Limestone Property Management, there is no fee to set everything up.

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