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We provide expert and professional leasing services to both our Full Management Clients, as well as Landlords who are looking for only leasing assistance with their property.

Our Leasing Team is a crucial component in the property management process. We stress to our Clients the importance of each detail in finding the rent Tenant for your property. Renting to the wrong tenants can become stressful and expensive. We have years of experience and doing it effectively requires an understanding of the Clients expectations, analysis of market trends and rates, target advertising, interpersonal skills, and a thorough application process. We also work weekends to ensure we are providing flexible showing times to potential tenants.

Through our internal network and team approach, we aim to cover all aspects of the Leasing process. From early conversations with Clients on their expectations and providing opinions on current property conditions and staging, marketing the property with professional photos and utilizing our own iGuide software program, to filtering inquiries and showing the property, to obtaining all necessary paperwork for the application and retrieving a deposit, and ultimate lease preparation and signing, we treat every applicant with respect and great customer service. Few companies get the Tenant screening process right, which will ultimately affect how successful you are with your investment and ROI. We are investors as well and understand the emotions involved in making this decision to entrust a Tenant with one of your most valuable assets.


There are times where Clients will provide specific instructions or request certain items. We are very adaptable and want to make sure our Clients needs are taken care of.

Our experienced Leasing Agents know the rental parks. We have listed and leased 1000’s of Units. We will provide a professional and honest assessment to ensure you are getting maximum value. Our approach is to listen to Clients' short- and long-term goals and present a package that fits the property.

  • Our Agents produce high quality photos that reflect the Unit and its surroundings. Our approach in laying out the photos is to mimic as though you are walking through the Unit yourself. 

  • We will highlight all important aspects of your property, including building information, locational characteristics, etc. 

  • Our advertising model consists of platforms such as Kijiji, social media, and our website, that generates lots of traffic, exposure and inquiries. 

We will accommodate prospective Tenants schedules to ensure we are not missing out on qualified applicants. Are Leasing Agents work evenings and weekends.

Our thorough process makes renting through us easy and a peace of mind for Clients. We cover everything from credit reports, employment verification, rental history, reference checks and a summary of our recommendations. 

Our Administrators are experienced with the mandated Ontario Lease Agreement. We offer a clear and thorough addendum unique to each property so that nothing gets missed and both the Client and Tenant understand what they are signing.

For each Lease, we obtain a rent deposit from each prospective Tenant. This will act as a Last Months Rent Deposit (after fees are paid).

Once the process is complete, our Leasing Division will prepare documents to be sent to Clients. This includes, net disbursements, Lease, contact information for Tenant(s), and more. 

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