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Storms Miracle Tree - a rewarding cause

This year marks the third anniversary of the Storms Miracle Tree, a heartwarming initiative dedicated to bringing joy to Kingston and surrounding area families during the holiday season by providing Christmas gifts for their children. Originating from Courtnie's time at Chumleighs and now independently organized, this incredible program has grown substantially. With the invaluable support of dedicated volunteers and generous sponsors, a remarkable 510 children are registered this year, a significant increase from the initial sponsorship of just over 300 children in the first year. Last year they sponsored 608 children!


Courtnie, the passionate organizer and founder, shared her inspiration for the Miracle Tree, reflecting on her own experiences as a mother of two and growing up around children due to her mother's daycare business. Recognizing the challenges families face during Christmas, she decided to start this program. Courtnie emphasized the importance of including older children and families with working parents who may not qualify for assistance from other programs. Her commitment extends beyond the Storms Miracle Tree, as she also runs the Odessa Elves program, involving her children and her sister's children in spreading joy to their community.


To support this rewarding cause, individuals and businesses can become sponsors or make donations. Families interested in assistance can reach out to Storms Miracle Tree through Facebook or email. The program maintains anonymity for participating families using a numbered system to associate them with categorized gifts. Sponsors can select children by number from a list to purchase for or contribute through e-transfers to facilitate gift purchasing.


The Storms Miracle Tree is fortunate to have several wonderful partners, including Jessica Hellard Real Estate Group - RE/MAX Finest Realty, serving as a main drop-off location and organizing draws for gift baskets. Other supportive partners include Lennox Fence and Hughson Barriers, with a combined sponsorship of 50 children, our own Limestone Property Management sponsored 37 children and Jennifer Collins at Sugar & Spice, who generously donated proceeds from a recent vendor show in Napanee. Additionally, sponsors such as Toys for Tats with Evolution Ink, The Fun Zone - Kingston, Boiler Room Climbing Gym, Guernsey Plumbing have contributed significantly to the success of the program.


While registration had to be closed due to a shortfall in sponsors or donations this year, the community's response has been reassuring. The program set a deadline of December 8th for drop-offs, but Courtnie was determined to continue shopping for any last-minute monetary or e-transfer donations this past weekend. If all children are sponsored, she plans to reach out to the few families that didn't make the initial list, ensuring that every child can experience the magic of Christmas.

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